WASCOP sewage and wastewater treatment systems combine latest engineering and manufacturing practices & technologies with economical solutions and highest quality workmanship, to produce a treated effluent water that can be used for irrigation or safe discharge to rivers or seas.

With the additional WASCOP tertiary treatment systems, the effluent water can be recycled and reused.

Depending on the required capacity, WASCOP systems can either be prefabricated, fully assembled at factory or field erected.


  • Residential, commercial & industrial sewage treatment plants.
  • Medical wastewater treatment systems.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment systems (food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laundry, poultry processing, brewery, etc..)


  • Small municipalities up to 3,000 cubic meters per day.
  • Small to medium size industries up to 40 cubic meters per hour.

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